Weight lose management


Weight lose management

Do you want to feel better about taking your shirt off at the pool? Have you been wanting to get into that dress that just sits in your closet, staring at you saying “one day”? Let today be the day you start your journey toward looking better! Our Body Burn class is made for this very purpose: to look better from the best structured workout plans you will find anywhere. We organize regiments that boost your cardiovascular levels to ultimate highs, keep fat at an incredible low, and make you look fantastic.

The Gym’s certified Functional Movement Specialists have designed the weight Lose class to safely and effectively bring you into a new level of fitness. Our personal trainers keep you moving and elevate your heart rate so you can burn fat appropriately. The cardio workout we involve in this class can also help increase lung capacity as well as reduce your risk for heart disease, among many other health-related issues.



Maximum Calories Burned

Goal 2,400

Our Weight Lose Management class at Baboo Fitness Center will help bring about new confidence and care for your body through high-intensity cardio workout. This class will keep your heart rate up and keep you sweating! Forget about pointless exercises – it’s time to look better!

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Weight lose management


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"I started training with Baboo Fitness Center after I moved from Kumasi to settle in Tema. They continually exceed my expectations. I am seeing more immediate results. I will continue to train with them no matter what the investment!."
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