Tennis Lessons


Tennis Lessons

Tennis challenges you to improve, to hit your strokes and develop your strategy to become a more efficient, effective player. When you improve your game, you don’t just become a better player. You also get the satisfaction that comes from mastering a skill. That’s where pros — teaching professionals, not pro players — and tennis lessons come into the picture. When you get serious about your tennis, even if you’re just playing for fun, you need to consider taking tennis lessons. No tennis instructor, regardless of how much experience and talent he has, can turn you from a beginner into Monica Seles or Pete Sampras in one hour-long lesson (or even three, for that matter!). However, an instructor can help you improve your game in some very concrete ways, starting with Lesson 1.

We always recommend to perform a dynamic tennis warm-up routine prior to any tennis practice session or a match. The routine may include jogging, skipping rope, dynamic stretches, using elastic bands, or a fun game. The warm-up duration should not be less than 10 minutes so we advise you arrive early and start by yourself. Learning the correct technique and biomechanics of stroke production (muscle pre-tension, kinetic chain) is essential in tennis. We will focus on technical execution of tennis shots, such as serve, return, groundstrokes, volleys and smashes. Later in the process we help you adopt your own style of play.

The work of your feet is an important building block of your tennis game. Every tennis shot starts from the ground up. Therefore, in the footwork aspect we will focus on mastering your motor skills associated with lower body, such as speed, reaction time, weight transfer, coordination and balance. Once you've learnt the technique, now is the time to start thinking strategically when playing points and games in real match situation, such as moving your opponent from side to side or keeping them at the baseline. To improve on that we will work on specific tactics using play-based drills. The game of tennis is as much mental as it is technical and physical so how you think or feel will affect your performance. If you want to win a tennis match first you need to condition your mind to it. This can be achieved through various mental strength techniques such as visualization, self hypnosis, continuous focus, relaxation and breathing.

Getting into the right physical shape is a critical component for all tennis players to include in their on-court and off-court training. We would tailor cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercises for your gym workout and also give you nutritional advice regarding food and supplement intake. Static stretching should become a regular part of your cool-down routine after the tennis practice or a match. When your muscles are still warm, stretching will increase their length so that next time you play your arms and legs can reach further before an injury occurs. Our aim is make tennis  available and enjoyable to anyone who wishes to play and we are proud of our team of professionally qualified coaches and staff who subscribe to our philosophy. Customer service is paramount to us, as is the safety and well being of children or adults under our supervision. We welcome feedback of any kind from our players, parents or observers.  Every tennis training usually starts with warm-up activities and finishes with static stretches and during the main part you can improve your technique, footwork, game tactics, match strategy and fitness element. 

We can provide rackets for all ages and abilities but you may wish to bring your own if you have one. We can also help advise on a racket to purchase. During the training sessions we use all sorts of tennis coaching equipment in order to further build up your strength, resistance, power, balance and coordination.



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Tennis lessons are a great way to get started and improve, or take your game to the next level. Your coach will help you work on your technique, confidence and overall game. As part of your lesson your coach will be able to offer personalised guidance.

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