Team SELF 2020 Spring Challenge Workout Calendar

Welcome to the Team SELF 2020 Spring Challenge! Below is the workout calendar that shows everything you’ll be doing. You can pin this, save it, make it your phone’s lock screen—just put it somewhere that you’ll see it often. If you want a printer-friendly version of this workout calendar, download our workout planner PDF. As a bonus, you can check off your workouts as you go and track your sleep throughout the month (something that’s especially important right now). And a reminder: all these workouts are equipment-free and great for doing at home.

Each week you’ll have three strength workouts, two cardio workouts, and two rest or active rest days. If you’re following along with us, your rest days will fall on Wednesdays and Sundays each week. But remember—this challenge is all about you! You should adjust this schedule and workout calendar calendar as you see fit.

Keep scrolling to get the calendar, and links to every workout below that!

Spring 2020 Workout Calendar
Morgan Johnson

Week 1

Day 15-Move Total-Body Strength Workout (strength)
Day 2Quick, No-Equipment Cardio Workout (cardio)
Day 3Rest
Day 4Full-Body Core Workout (strength)
Day 5Lower-Body and Cardio Workout (cardio)
Day 6Lower-Body Strength Builder (strength)
Day 7Rest

Week 2

Day 85-Move Cardio and Fast Finisher (cardio)
Day 9A Strength-Building Lower Body Workout (strength)
Day 10Rest
Day 11Plyometric Workout + 2-Minute Quick Finisher (cardio)
Day 12Triceps Targeted Workout (strength)
Day 13Speedy Cardio Circuit (cardio)
Day 14Rest

Week 3

Day 155 Strength Moves and EMOM (strength)
Day 16Cardio Abs Circuit (cardio)
Day 17Rest
Day 18Full-Body Strength Workout (strength)
Day 19Arm and Leg Cardio Circuit (cardio)
Day 20Legs and Core Strength Push (strength)
Day 21Rest

Week 4

Day 22No-Equipment Cardio Crusher (cardio)
Day 23Quick Bodyweight Strength Builder (strength)
Day 24Rest
Day 25Full-Body Cardio + 4-Minute Burnout (cardio)
Day 26Upper Body and Core Builder (strength)
Day 27Final Cardio Push + 4-Minute Burnout (cardio)
Day 28Rest

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