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BFC Corporate Workout is a best-in-class fitness service dedicated to providing the highest quality and most professional service available in Ghana. You can be confident that our team will help your employees achieve their goals the fastest and safest way possible and hence ensuring healthy employees that are active and productive. We provide organized programs that assist employees in voluntarily making choices that improve health and productivity. Corporates are approaching employee wellness in an entirely new way. Recent trends show an increasing focus on employee well-being driven by employers. Successful organisations now understand that the well-being of their employees is an essential component to their company’s functioning and growth.

Workplace wellness programs educate employees on how to feel better on the job, both mentally and physically. With many workers today spending much of their workday sitting at a computer screen, neck, back and wrist and arm fatigue are major contributors to workplace stress and fatigue. In addition, many employees report eye strain from looking at a screen for so many hours. Twenty-first century corporate fitness programs offer exercises for desk-bound workers and give tips for proper ergonomics to reduce stress and muscle strain when you are on the job. Advice includes everything from simple stretching exercises to scheduled workouts to break up the monotony.

According to the February 2011 issue of Harvard Men's Health Watch, exercise has the ability to both exhilarate and to relax and can serve to counter depression and to dissipate stress. Clinical results also have shown that workers sleep better after exercise and are able to lower both their cholesterol and blood pressure levels by following a regular exercise plan.

You want to attract and retain healthy employees. We know how to get that done. Let our onsite fitness centers and programs energize your company. Our Corporate Fitness Works develops custom fitness center management programs that focus on the unique and specific needs of employees who work in today’s large-scale office environment.



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For more than 10 years, we’ve helped people overcome common health challenges related to corporate life such as stress, sitting too much, working long hours, and making lengthy commutes. Our onsite programs engage and involve employees throughout their busy workdays, whether it’s a midday spin class or a deskside stretch break.

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